Solution Overview

Enterprise entity due diligence solutions and process for various sectors.

The definition of an entity differs from sector to sector. In the BFSI sector, the entity is refered as Customer, in telecom it could be referred to as subscriber, for government / public sector it is citizen , in hospitality sector it is traveller, in health sector it is patients etc. For the sake of brevity, we shall refer to the entity as “Customer”.

Likewise the due diligence also varies from the perspective by which it is carried out. Core business Operations need it for the purpose of decisioning (credit decisioning , prior relationship etc). For the purpose of Risk mitigation, the due diligence is based on checks against negative data / defaulters data, statutory compliance requires that the due diligence is also carried out against the restricted entity data, pep data, etc. Sales & Marketing use customer due diligence for marketing campaigns and need to perform checks against do not call list etc.

Posidex provides the following solutions for entity due diligence process and the solutions are aligned from the perspective of the functional purpose within the enterprise.

  • 360 degree view of the customer across various lines of business
  • Realtime Customer Exposure
  • Golden Record of the Customer
  • Due diligence on assets(during mortgage financing)
  • Customer Risk Profile [Check against External list (Negative / Fraud / Reject / Prospect])
  • Customer Family Profile
  • Negative Area Check
  • Restricted Entity Matching Solution (UN Sanctions List / OFAC List etc)
  • Unique Customer Identification Code
  • Bulk identification of customers for statutory compliance
  • NDNC Solution
  • Customer householding and segmentation
  • Clean Customer list for marketing campaigns
  • Common Customer across LOB for Cross Sell