Enterprise customer data platform
powered with Machine Learning and inMemory Analytics

Map your customer's digital journey

Map your customer's digital journey

Discovering and Prospecting

  • Data Segmentation Analysis on data from multiple providers
  • Enriching the missing demographic parameters
  • Build Prospect Master
  • Combine Demographic data and other data attributes to create rich customer profiles for actiionable insights
  • Integrate with lead generation systems to get a complete 360 degree view of the prospect


  • Single view of customer across lines of business
  • Customer due diligence for credit decisioning
  • Assigning unique customer identification code across lines of business
  • Realtime screening against negative list for risk profile
  • Screen against watchlist for regulatory compliance

Retaining & Re-prospecting

  • Generate Customer golden record by combining demographic, transaction and other data attributes and create customer persona
  • Identify opportunities for cross sell and upsell
  • Increase contactibility for collections