Award winning products with proven state of the art technology to help manage your customer data intelligently

Award winning products with proven state of the art technology to help manage your customer data intelligently

Prime360 CLIP ScReEn Posilytics PropEx EaglePost PosCKYC PrimeVer


Real-time Entity Resolution Search Engine which helps facilitate any interacting system to perform an identity search within the target data collated from various source systems.


CLIP is a bulk entity resolution engine used for one time deduplication and to meet any incremental matching requirements for identifying unique customer records across various products and lines of businesses. Normally used by business users for the first time creation of customer master or golden record of the customer, CLIP is required for End of Day processing to reconcile the incremental additions / updates of the customer records with the customer master. To Identify linkages, databases don't match up as each data source stores the data in its own format and has its own primary identifier. Clusters and groupings based on demographics or any other user defined criteria can be used for better target segmentation.

CLIP can play a pivotal role for establishing record linkages where there is no single unique Identifier across the data sources.


Screen is an on-premise Watchlist 'Name scanning' product for matching prospective or current customer data with various lists like Restricted Entity data as part of Regulatory Compliance, CFT (Combating Financing of Terrorism), KYC (Know your customer) and other EDD (enhanced due-diligence) requirements. Supports all RE data along with custom RE data provided by data aggregators like Thomson Reuters Worldcheck, Dow Jones Risk & Compliance list, Accuity etc.


Posilytics is an add-on analytics and visualization component on top of Posidex's world class deduplication solutions providing customer segmentation analytics , data quality analytics giving a birds' eye view of the customer data sets and other contributing key data quality indicators of your customer data. Posilytics analyzes the streaming data in realtime enabling your organization to score the quality of incoming customer data and conduct segmentation analysis of the clusters. Easy to customize, export and share the results, reports and stats for top management consumption.

Posilytics helps enterprises analyze their information into business results through data-driven analytical capabilities. The always-on stream of relevant data related insights with powerful visual story telling ability help clients drive successful business outcomes.


PropEx is a property de-duplication solution used for Movable and Immovable assets. It helps in identifying unique properties to avoid re-mortgaging of the same property. For Mortgage loans, it becomes imperative to ensure that the property being nanced is not previously nanced. Apart from it, it will be useful to determine the complete exposure of the Project that is being considered for funding and the builder's exposure.


EaglePost helps in validating, structuring and enriching Indian addresses. There are no standards or guidelines for capturing address and therefore the constituent address elements(H.No, Landmark, Locality, SubDistrict, District etc) are seldom stored in appropriate fields. The disharmony aggravates as we gather addresses from different systems. Apart from shuffling, these elements are subjected to lot of variations. Given these issues with the addresses, EaglePost parses the entire address, and would restore these constituent elements in their respective place holds, and standardise these elements, bringing uniformity across all addresses. Wherever possible, it enriches fields like District, Pincode. It also checks for the consistency of the elements and validates the address. It improves the address granularity and enforces standardisation.


CKYC - Central KYC (Know Your Customer) is an initiative of the Government of India. Enables customer to complete their KYC only once across the financial sector. CKYC is Managed by CERSAI (Central Registry of Securitization Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India), functions as the Central KYC Registry (CKYCR). The objective is to reduce the burden of producing KYC documents by Customers every time they interact with different Service Providers.


We obtain the Customer details from multiple sources like PAN, UIDAI etc and the way the names and addresses are captured across these sources will not be alike. PrimeVer allows to automatically verify these details vis a vis the details furnished by the customer. Where details of Customer are obtained from multiple sources, PrimeVer can be configured to assign authenticity score for each parameter and thus to the source of information.