Our solutions bring the power to examine large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, actors, associations, unknown correlations, customer preferences and other useful business information.

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Customer Golden Record Real-time Customer Insights Customer Network Analytics Watchlist Screening

Customer Golden Record

Consolidated "golden record" view of your customer data across your enterprise.
Single source of truth

Enterprises globally face significant challenges in reconciling their customer data impacting their business operations and profitability. Existing techniques for customer data management such as data matching have reached limitations in addressing today's big-data challenges of volumes, data quality and instant response required from querying system for real-time response. Posidex helps Enterprises answer these business critical challenges with our highly acclaimed and proven industry leading expertise in Entity resolution search engine technology. Posidex' disruptive technologies has motivated our clients to replace the existing solutions and achieve a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and very direct high return on investment by way of increased throughput and automated decisioning or straight through processing.

Posidex provides master data management capabilities as part of both Realtime entity search and Bulk entity search products. Master Data Management (MDM) is a method of enabling an enterprise to link and aggregate all of its critical data to one master file (also called customer master) which usually provides a common reference point. Entity resolution becomes a fundamental aspect of MDM. The growing emphasis on regulatory compliance has made the creating and maintaining of accurate and complete master data a business necessity. Given that data is usually used by multiple applications within an organization, an error in master data can cause errors in all the applications that use it. Hence an error free customer master is of paramount importance for enterprises these days. Provides a 360 degree view of your customer establishing linkages and relationships across products and lines of businesses.

Real-time Customer Insights

On demand Immediate customer insights across all channels

Large enterprise organizations have distinct business units each catering to a different product. Each of these units have multiple channels of customer acquisition and operate independently without knowing the overall customer exposure. As organizations are moving from product centric approach to customer centric focus, a realtime single view of the customer relationship and product holdings across all the channels of the businesses is becoming critical as well as challenging owing to different ways the customer is represented across different business units. Realtime Customer Insights varies from the perspective by which it is carried out. Core business Operations need it for the purpose of decisioning (credit decisioning, prior relationship etc). For the purpose of Risk mitigation, the insights is based on checks against negative data / defaulters data. Statutory compliance requires that the due diligence is also carried out against the restricted entity data, PEP data, etc. Sales & Marketing use customer insights for conducting campaigns and need to perform checks against do not call list etc.

Customer Network Analytics

Identity Relations & Associates of Customers & establish linkage

Customer Network Analytics involves identifying inter-relationship among customers and deriving insights which can provide value to the business be it marketing, enhanced Due Diligence or Risk Mitigation. Based on the relationship attributes available, the business users can identify the linkages such as family, household, co-worker, business associate, accomplice etc. This will help the business to expand (Cross-sell) by extending suitable products to the associates. It also helps business mitigate risks by exercising caution dealing with relative / associate of fraudulent person.

Watchlist Screening

Screen your customer data against sanctions list, WL, PEP, SOC, Adverse Media list
as part of the AML compliance during onboarding or transaction monitoring process

Watchlist Screening enables organizations to quickly identify business entities, individual persons that are flagged as risky and avoidable for business due to their association with criminal and money laundering activities. It forms a part of regulatory compliance and organizations are penalised if they fail to adhere to regulations. The data against which the organizations require to screen their customers is published by regulators, and also can be subscribed with providers such as Thomson & Rueters, DowJones, Acquity etc., who maintain and update the data regulary based on media reports and research. The watchlist screening needs to be done at the time of onboarding the customer as well as for transacting parties during transactions. Posidex technology provides industry's fastest resolution response enabling the organizations for watchlist on a realtime basis.