Market Facing Innovation

Market Facing Innovation

Technology Innovation

A highly advanced in-memory scalable entity analytics platform reducing the time for resolution to give an istant turn around time even for most demanding volumes.

Power in the hands of Business User

Exhaustive configuration options to configure business rules at granular level.

SOA Driven Architecture

Seamless integration with many popular business systems with built in messaging and process manager.

Process Innovation

An innovative mathematically driven entity analytics model designed for the most exhaustive resolutions overcoming data quality challenges.

Overcoming Industry Pain Points

Overcoming Industry Pain Points

Customer Insights in Real Time

Comprehensive view of the customer all along the life cycle.

Real Time Processing

Enterprises are incresingly under the pressure to service their consumers instantly in an highly personalized manner for which they need to get a realtime single view of the consumers which is consistent across all interaction touchpoints.

Fragmented Data

An enterprise organization has multiple business channels and each channel has its own core business system and its own data store. From a prospect to a customer, the profile of the person keeps changing with updates and addition of dynamic data demographic attributes. There is a need of singular platform to connect all the dots of the customers digital journey.

Data Quality

In a real world scenario, the quality of captured data in the business systems suffer from missing demographic attributes, misspelled names and junk data which is challenging to establish linkages in a straight through processing. Establishing record linkages involve comparing both unique and non unique attributes and over large volume, it becomes problem of quadratic complexity.