“The total estimated savings will be Rs.225 million PA assuming a 5% increase in approval and decline rates under the Posidex dedupe match logic .. All this has led to an almost 10 times improvement in processing speeds with minimal hardware requirements…”
Assistant General Manager, ICICI Bank
“As a part of our attempt to an improved credit quality process, we have successfully integrated PrimeMatch(R) with our core lending system and found it to be extremely useful to support our credit decision process and business risk management.”
Chief Technology Officer, Reliance Consumer Finance

Enterprise Data Management

Master Data Management, Data Quality Management, Analytics

Manage the integrity of your customer data from prospecting to cross-selling


Big Data Solutions

Services for deduplication and analytics built on big data platform

Launching soon !!!

Leveraging the power of big data technologies for delivering Customer Insights to benefit your business

Cloud Solutions

Manage your compliance requirements in cloud environment

Launching Soon !!!

Cloud enabled subscription based services for matching against Restricted and Banned Entities