We help our clients effectively manage their customer due diligence process for compliance, operations and marketing.


  • The front line staff of businesses demand Instant response from their decisioning systems for a meaningful customer engagement.
  • The decisioning proces depends upon the response time and accuracy of the underlying process of customer verification.
  • Slow respone and High false matches lead to unnecessary manpower and operational bottleneck.
  • Missed correct matches increases risk and loss of business opportunity
  • Further risk of skewed Analytics built on results
  • Technology: Traditional technologies have reached limitations in terms of the challenges of meeting ever growing volumes of records and complexity of business demands. Posidex provides a innovative search and match technology for entity resolution which is addressing and filling the gap effectively.
  • Governance: A strong data governance practice has to be put in place by the organizations to ensure that the issues related to the data quality at various stages is effectively handled in the processes. Poor data quality affects operations and exposes organization to both financial and compliance risks. Posidex assists the organization in framing data quality governance during the implementation of its solutions to ensure that the data inconsistencies can easily be handled.
  • Preventive Measures: By deploying the technology right at the time of capturing the data , the organization can prevent wrong decisioning process and safe guard its priceless asset, their customers.
    Posidex solutions are easily integrable with the core business system which help the organization to deal with the problem in realtime. The end user might not notice a thing but would find qualitative change in the decisioning process.
  • Volumes: For a effective customer due diligence process, a comprehensive customer search is needed to be carried out. This requires a lot of rules involving various parameters in form of a fuzzy logic. Running these queries on large volumes running into millions of records is a resource intensive operations, consuming time and giving delayed response.
  • Velocity: Large business operations have multiple channels of customer acquisition and delivery and simultaneous requests for due diligence impacting the performance of the system creating operational bottle necks.
  • Variety: Multiple channels of customer acquisition also throw a challenge in the nature of the data quality itself and more often there is a variance in the information of the same customer captured across different channels.

Why Choose Us

  • Proven Technology – Our State-of-the-art and innovative technology of entity resolution, industry experience, and flawless execution are the factors that make our solutions unlike anything else in the market today. We have developed a focused and highly integrated series of services designed specifically to address real life technology challenges.
  • Experience of handling very Large Volumes, Data Diversity, Wide Range Scope Of Parameters and easy integration with core systems .
  • Expertise – Our Strengths lie in quick understanding of the client’s needs, total involvement to research and find the most optimum solution and deliver the projects within stipulated time to the complete satisfaction of the client.
  • Leadership – Posidex solutions are used by leading banks, financial institutions, insurance, telecom companies for due diligence of their customer data in their mission critical applications.
Posidex Technologies received IT AP - Research and Innovation recognition Posidex Technologies - PC Quest Nominated for best IT implementation Posidex Technologies is Nasscom finalist under market facing innovation Posidex Technologies is Gartner Recognized as Sample vendor for Entity Resolution & Analytics